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Opal Whale Tail Post Earrings

Opal Whale Tail Post Earrings


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Sterling silver and opal whale tail post earrings.

Our sterling silver Opal Whale Tail Post Earrings depict the unmistakable silhouette of graceful whale flukes. They boast a sleek, high polished finish and iridescent opal.

The whale's tail has been an enduring symbol of speed, strength, protection, and safe passage for hundreds of years. Opal is the birthstone for the month of October, and it is also the stone traditionally given on the 14th wedding anniversary. Opals have always been associated with love and passion. Wearing an opal is said to encourage creativity as well as faithfulness.

What is a high polish finish? A high polish finish is very shiny and smooth. It is the most common of jewelry finishes. This finish has a mirror-like quality. You will be able to see your reflection when looking directly at this finish. The high polish finish on the Opal Whale Tail Post Earrings gives them just the perfect amount of shine accenting the beautiful design of the piece.

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