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Pavé and Abalone Wave Earrings in Medium

Pavé and Abalone Wave Earrings in Medium


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Sterling silver wave earrings with pavé cubic zirconia and abalone on French ear wires.

Rows of cubic zirconia add sparkle and dimension to our medium sterling silver Pavé and Abalone Wave Earrings. Polished abalone represents the swirling blue sea, while textured sterling silver supports the curl of the wave. These gorgeous earrings hang from French ear wires and make a perfect gift for the beach lover that also likes a bit of glam.

Waves are very symbolic and remind us that emotions come in tides.  Waves represent the flow of life. These earrings say both that you go with the flow and that you sparkle.


These earrings pair beautifully with our Pavé and Abalone Wave Necklace in Large. Be sure to see this lovely necklace to create a set!

What is a Pavé setting?

Pavé is a setting that is made up of lots of small gemstones attached to jewelry by droplets of metal. The effect of this setting is that the surface of the piece looks like it has been paved with cubic zirconia. The word “pavé” is French for “paved” or "pavement".

What is Abalone?

Abalone is a natural gemstone made from the shell of the abalone sea mollusk. In fact, there are over a hundred varieties of abalone worldwide. One of these varieties is the mother of pearl. Abalone symbolizes strength and healing because abalone mollusks can repair and heal their shells. In particular, the abalone shell is sacred to many cultures including the Maori people of New Zealand and the Apache Nation in North America. Abalone is certainly a special gemstone. This gemstone is beautifully featured by our Pavé and Abalone Wave Earrings.

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