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Waterman's Boot Necklace

Waterman's Boot Necklace


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Sterling silver and white enamel waterman's boot pendant on box style chain.

Please know that when referring to "waterman", we of course include any "waterwomen" who work diligently on our Chesapeake Bay!

What is one iconic symbol of the Chesapeake Bay's Watermen? Their waterman's boots of course!  This necklace features a classic white waterman's boot made with sterling silver and white enamel. It comes on a box style chain. In addition, this Waterman's Boot Necklace was made exclusively for Silver Linings, so you won't find it anywhere else!

What's the significance of white boots? They're the hardworking waterman's preferred footwear! White reflects light which keeps their feet cool while working on hot summer days. Our Waterman's Boot Necklace is a great conversation starter that will provide you the opportunity to honor the backbone of the Chesapeake Bay's robust seafood industry, which is a significant economic driver for states around the Bay. Surely, you will see these boots out on the Chesapeake Bay. This necklace is iconic of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and the Eastern Shore. This necklace makes a perfect gift if you or a loved one who works on the water.

What is enamel? Enamel is a jewelry decorating technique. Enameling uses colorful enamel to decorate jewelry with intricate patterns. During this process, the jewelry is inlaid or painted with enamel before it is heated at over 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. If part of the jewelry cracks while firing the damage can be irreparable, this makes intricately made enamel jewelry all the more precious.

The Waterman's Boot Necklace is exclusive to Silver Linings.

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