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Honu Sea Turtle Earrings

Honu Sea Turtle Earrings


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Sterling silver Honu sea turtle earrings on French ear wires.

Our sterling silver Honu Sea Turtle Earrings feature a lovely symbol, dear to Hawaiian culture. These earrings show off Honu turtles (also known as Hawaiian green sea turtles) in an airy design, and hang from French ear wires.

Sea turtles are a symbol of wisdom, good luck, and longevity. They also represent the connection between the people, the land, and the sea. Honu turtles are seen as a guardian angel over the Hawaiian community. You can appreciate these timeless virtues and the beauty of this creature with the Honu Sea Turtle Earrings. 

What is a High Polish Finish?

A high polished finish is very shiny and smooth. It is the most common of jewelry finishes. In addition, this finish has a mirror-like quality. You will be able to see your reflection when looking directly at this finish. The high polish finish on the Honu Sea Turtle Earrings gives them just the perfect amount of shine accenting the beautiful design of the piece.

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