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Sunset Rope Knot Earrings

Sunset Rope Knot Earrings


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Gold plated sterling silver rope knot earrings on French ear wires.

Designed by Southern Gates.

Our Harbor Sunset Rope Knot Earrings are elegant and refined. These gold plated sterling silver rope knot earrings are eye catching and detailed. They hang gracefully from french ear wires.

Knots can have many different meanings in different cultures. In the Celtic culture, one meaning of knots was infinity. On the other hand, knots also represented cycles. In Europe, the knot was commonly a symbol of romantic love. Knots are sometimes used in weddings to “tie” two people together. The Ancient Chinese believed the tying of a knot to bring good luck. Therefore, knots were also a symbol of protection. The Ancient Egyptians thought knots symbolized life cycles and the eternal life of the gods. You can appreciate this timeless symbol with our Harbor Sunset Rope Knot Earrings.

This piece pairs beautifully with our Harbor Sunset Rope Knot Necklace as well as our Harbor Sunset Rope Knot Bracelet. Be sure to see them to create a set!

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