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Ship's Wheel Swap Top

Ship's Wheel Swap Top


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Sterling silver ship's wheel Swap Top.

Swap Top Bracelets are sold separately.

Our Ship's Wheel Swap Top features a classic nautical symbol. This Swap Top is perfect for any boater or just reminding you to stay true to your direction. The ship's wheel is a classic symbol of victory and success in your endeavors. It also represents leadership and responsibility. This symbol will help you remember to stick to your plans and not fall astray.

Paired with a coordinating bangle bracelet, Swap Tops, such as our Ship's Wheel Swap Top, are interchangeable designs that look great when worn on their own or stacked with other bracelets. Simply swap one top out for another to compliment your different day to day styles. Because of this, Swap Top bracelets make a great gift. We have many different tops with different themes, perfect for any gift-giving occasion. Collect them all! 

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