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Crystal Seahorse Necklace

Crystal Seahorse Necklace


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Sterling silver seahorse pendant with Swarovski crystals on an adjustable link style chain.

If you are looking for a bright pop of color, this Crystal Seahorse Necklace is for you! This super fun pendant is made of sterling silver and covered in Swarovski crystals. These beautiful crystals allow the pendant to glitter in shades of blues and greens, just like an ocean scene.

Seahorses are a meaningful and beautiful sea creature. According to legend, the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon, traveled in a chariot led by seahorses. The romans believed their god of the sea, Neptune, also traveled by seahorse. Indeed, the Torres Strait Islanders believed that the seahorse is a charm of good fortune. Moreover, divers have also long associated the seahorse with luck. Considered a symbol of strength and power, seahorses have been around for about twenty million years. We hope this long lasting luck travels with you when you wear our Crystal Seahorse Necklace.

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