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Pavé Yellow Gold Crab Necklace

Pavé Yellow Gold Crab Necklace


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Yellow gold vermeil crab pendant with pavé cubic zirconia stones on adjustable link style chain.

Our Pavé Yellow Gold Crab Necklace combines high polished gold vermeil over sterling silver and pavé cubic zirconia for maximum sparkle. The faceted stones catch the light from every angle. This pendant hangs from an adjustable link style chain in matching gold vermeil.

Blue crabs are iconic to the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. Named for their blue claws, these creatures are vital to the bay ecosystem. Crabs shed their skins in order to grow, and therefore they can be a symbol of the cycles of life and rebirth. 

What is a Pavé setting? Pavé is a setting that is made up of lots of small gemstones attached to jewelry by droplets of metal. The effect of this setting is that the surface of the piece looks like it has been paved with cubic zirconia. The word “pavé” is French for “paved” or "pavement".

What is vermeil? Gold vermeil (pronounced ver-may) is a thick layer of gold which is electroplated over a sterling silver base. This binds the gold and silver together, making vermeil much less likely to fade, tarnish, or wear down. In comparison, gold plating is a thinner layer of gold over a lower-end metal like brass or copper.

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