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Pavé Honu Sea Turtle Necklace

Pavé Honu Sea Turtle Necklace


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Sterling silver Honu sea turtle pendant with cubic zirconia stones on adjustable link style chain.

Our sterling silver Pavé Honu Sea Turtle Necklace features a lovely symbol dear to Hawaiian culture, the Honu turtle (also known as Hawaiian green sea turtle). The super sparkly, cubic zirconia encrusted pendant hangs from an adjustable link style chain.

Turtles represent love and patience; and sea turtles represent wisdom, endurance, and going with the flow. All turtles also represent longevity because of their long lives. Honu turtles are seen as a guardian angel over the Hawaiian community. You can appreciate these timeless virtues and the beauty of this creature with the Pavé Honu Sea Turtle Necklace.

This piece pairs beautifully with our Pavé Honu Sea Turtle Link Bracelet as well as our Pave Honu Sea Turtle Earrings

What is a Pavé setting? Pavé is a setting that is made up of lots of small gemstones attached to jewelry by droplets of metal. The effect of this setting is that the surface of the piece looks like it has been paved with cubic zirconia. The word “pavé” is French for “paved” or "pavement".

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