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Oyster Swap Top

Oyster Swap Top


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Sterling silver oyster Swap Top.

Swap Top Bracelets are sold separately.

Our Oyster Swap Top pays tribute to Crassostrea virginica, more commonly known as the native Eastern oyster. This lovely Swap Top features a detailed sterling silver oyster. This filter feeding bivalve plays an important part in the Chesapeake Bay's ecosystem, providing habitat for plants and fish, as well as feeding on algae. It's also a tasty treat for locals and tourists to Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Oysters can even make pearls out of small things like grains of sand that get under their shells, so they are a great reminder that you can make rare beauty out of something small and irritating. You can appreciate the beauty and the symbolism of these creatures with the Oyster Swap Top. 

Swap Tops are interchangeable designs that look great when worn on their own or stacked with other bracelets. Simply swap one top out for another to compliment your different day to day styles. Swap Tops make a great gift. Collect them all! 

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