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Oyster Spat with Gold Crab Necklace

Oyster Spat with Gold Crab Necklace


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Sterling silver oyster spat (baby) necklace with 14k gold crab on box chain.

Our realistically detailed Oyster Spat with Gold Crab Necklace is an ode to the iconic eastern oyster. A "spat" is a baby oyster. Made from sterling silver, the oyster is accented with a tiny 14k gold crab, another important symbol of the Chesapeake Bay. An 18 inch sterling silver box chain is included.

Oysters can even make pearls out of small things like grains of sand that get under their shells, so they are a great reminder that you can make rare beauty out of something small and irritating. You can appreciate the beauty and the symbolism of these creatures with the Oyster Spat with Gold Crab Necklace. 

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