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Octopus Necklace

Octopus Necklace


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Sterling silver octopus pendant on an adjustable link style chain.

Our Octopus Necklace is a highly detailed piece of art that is perfect for everyday wear. This 1 1/4 inch pendant is the perfect size to wear with anything, and the stunning detail of this sea creature will grab compliments. This necklace is made of sterling silver, and the pendant dangles on an adjustable link style chain. The detail work on this piece is incredible, including suction cups on all eight tentacles and a beautifully proportioned body.

Octopuses are symbolic for many cultures. For instance, they can represent flexibility, creativity, and intelligence. In Indigenous cultures, people believed the octopus could control the weather or heal the sick. Legends in Hawaii claim the animal is connected with ancient gods. In addition, octopuses hold spiritual meaning, and serve as a symbol for good luck.

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