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Crystal Nautilus Necklace

Crystal Nautilus Necklace


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Sterling silver and rose gold vermeil nautilus shell pendant with Swarovski crystals, on an adjustable link style chain.

Add some pink and sparkle to your life with this Crystal Nautilus Necklace! Rose gold vermeil and Swarovski crystals add pizazz to this already magnificent sea creature. This nautilus pendant comes on an adjustable link style chain.

The Nautilus is distantly related to the squid, among other cephalopods. But unlike their relations, they are the only cephalopod that has a visible, external shell. These shells have intricate designs that create a swirling pattern, as seen in this Crystal Nautilus Necklace. Beyond beauty, this shell also protects the Nautilus, as it can encase itself against threats. But what makes the Nautilus so interesting is the way it moves.

The Chambered Nautilus can move freely and with ease in its beauty, and so can you in this Crystal Nautilus Necklace.

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