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Larimar Nautilus Post Earrings

Larimar Nautilus Post Earrings


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Sterling silver nautilus post earrings with larimar.

Our Larimar Nautilus Post Earrings feature a creature that is widely considered to be a "living fossil". These sterling silver nautilus earrings feature polished larimar stones. Larimar is a rare natural gemstone. In fact, no two pieces are exactly alike.

The nautilus is a symbol of perfection and beauty. It has remained essentially unchanged for millennia. In fact, each chamber of the Nautilus follows the Fibonacci sequence. The shape of the shell curves in a Phi spiral. This is considered an important aspect of sacred geometry. You can appreciate this beautiful creature and its deep meaning with our Larimar Nautilus Post Earrings.

What is Larimar?

Larimar is a very rare gemstone. That is to say, only a small mountainous area in the Dominican Republic is where the gem can be found, and it is created by volcanic activity. Norman Rilling and Miguel Méndez discovered the gemstone in 1974, and Méndez created the name larimar, by combining his daughter's name, Larissa, and the Spanish word for sea, Mar. Larimar is a stunning Caribbean Sea blue color, which is perfect for our sea creature inspired jewelry. You can enjoy this meaningful and beautiful gemstone with our Larimar Nautilus Post Earrings. 

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