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Manatee Earrings

Manatee Earrings


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Sterling silver manatee earrings on French ear wires.

Our Manatee Earrings feature this gentle marine mammal with a combination of high polish and satin finishes. These three dimensional earrings hang gracefully from French ear wires.

The manatee is a reminder to slow down and live your life mindfully. Manatees are symbols of kindness, love, and peace because of their gentle nature. You can appreciate this beautiful animal and their deep symbolism with our Manatee Earrings.

What is a satin finish? A satin finish is in between a brushed and a glossy finish. A brushed finish is more rustic looking and you will see and feel a textured finish. A glossy finish is very shiny and smooth. You will be able to see your reflection when looking directly at this finish. A satin finish, like glossy, is also smooth to the touch but it doesn't have the high shine, rather has a matte finish.

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