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Larimar Inlay Starfish Necklace

Larimar Inlay Starfish Necklace


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Sterling silver starfish pendant with larimar inlay on an adjustable link style chain.

Our sterling silver Larimar Inlay Starfish Necklace features a celestially reminiscent sea creature inlaid with a rare Caribbean gemstone. This elegant silver starfish is inlaid with larimar. Larimar is a natural gemstone so no two pieces are exactly alike. This pendant hangs gracefully from an adjustable link style chain.

Starfish symbolize renewal and regeneration, and also represent infinite love. 

What is Larimar?

Larimar is a very rare gemstone. That is to say, only a small mountainous area in the Dominican Republic is where the gem can be found, and it is created by volcanic activity. Norman Rilling and Miguel Méndez discovered the gemstone in 1974, and Méndez created the name larimar, by combining his daughter's name, Larissa, and the Spanish word for sea, Mar. Larimar is a stunning Caribbean Sea blue color, which is perfect for our sea creature inspired jewelry. With our Larimar and Pavé Compass Rose Earrings, you can appreciate this beautiful gemstone and its history. 

Some believe larimar to be a very spiritual stone. It is believed to increase speech and communication skills as well as aid the body's natural healing process.

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