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Harbor Sunset Compass Necklace

Harbor Sunset Compass Necklace


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Gold plated sterling silver filigree compass pendant on an adjustable link style chain.

Find new paths with this Harbor Sunset Compass Necklace! The compass rose, sometimes called a rose of the winds, is a beautiful and timeless symbol of direction, discovery, and awakening. The four directions of the compass rose represent infinite possibilities, the past, the present, and the future. This symbol was once believed by sailors to bring them good luck. They also believed it to bring them back home safely. It is a celebrated symbol of guidance through troubled seas and unfamiliar places. Enjoy this beautiful symbol with our Compass Rose Necklace from our Southern Gates collection.

Filigree is a form of very detailed metalwork. The style can be traced back to the Middle East as early as 2500 BC. Greece was the first western country to practice the art of filigree and from there it spread further into Europe. King Edward VII made this style of jewelry and embellishment popular during his reign. He would combine different metals to create jewelry designs, and would add colorless gemstones such as diamonds. Filigree design was a sign of elegance and sophistication, so it remained in high regard throughout history. This Harbor Sunset Compass Necklace displays that sophistication and elegance perfectly! 

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