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R Gold and MOP Compass Rose

R Gold and MOP Compass Rose


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Sterling silver and rose gold vermeil compass rose pendant with mother of pearl and Swarovski crystals, on an adjustable link style chain.

This necklace matches well with our Rose Gold and Enamel Compass Rose Earrings.

The Compass Rose, sometimes called a rose of the winds, is a beautiful and timeless symbol of direction, discovery, and awakening. The four directions of the Compass Rose represent infinite possibilities, the past, the present, and the future. This symbol was once believed by sailors to bring them good luck and to bring them back home safely. It is a celebrated symbol of guidance through troubled seas and unfamiliar places. You can enjoy this beautiful symbol with our Rose Gold and Mother of Pearl Compass Rose Necklace.

Mother of Pearl, otherwise known as nacre, is a composite material produced by mollusks. This material lines the inside of shells. A combination of natural beauty and protection, it is the perfect addition to this compass. Mother of Pearl is strong, and resilient. These are the qualities we hope you take with you when you wear this Rose Gold and Mother of Pearl Compass Rose Necklace.

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