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Compass Rose Swap Top

Compass Rose Swap Top


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Sterling silver compass rose Swap Top.

Swap Top Bracelets are sold separately.

Don't leave for your next adventure without our sterling silver Compass Rose Swap Top as your guide. Simple and elegant, this swap top features a center compass rose marked with the four cardinal directions.  

The compass rose, sometimes called a rose of the winds, is a beautiful and timeless symbol of direction, discovery, and awakening. The four directions of the compass rose represent infinite possibilities, the past, the present, and the future. This symbol was once believed by sailors to bring them good luck. They also believed it to bring them back home safely. It is a celebrated symbol of guidance through troubled seas and unfamiliar places. Likewise, a compass always shows you true north. True north can represent your heart and your deepest desires. Let the Compass Rose Swap Top guide you on your next journey.

Paired with a coordinating bangle bracelet, Swap Tops are interchangeable designs that look great when worn on their own or stacked with other bracelets. Simply swap one top out for another to compliment your different day to day styles. Because of this, Swap Top bracelets make a great gift. We have many different tops with different themes, perfect for any gift-giving occasion. Collect them all! 

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