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Chesapeake Summer Necklace

Chesapeake Summer Necklace


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Sterling silver and enamel Maryland Blue Crab and Old Bay spice can pendants on ball chain.

Our Chesapeake Summer Necklace celebrates a beloved Maryland tradition: blue crabs and Old Bay seasoning. This set combines our Maryland Blue Crab Necklace and Old Bay Spice Can Necklace on a ball chain, which resembles a trotline, a long baited fishing line used to catch blue crabs.

Blue crabs are iconic to the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. Named for their blue claws, these creatures are vital to the bay ecosystem. A well-known symbol throughout the Chesapeake area, this creature is beautifully represented by our Chesapeake Summer Necklace.

Old Bay is a tasty seafood spice, but its fans put it on everything from popcorn to ice cream, though it is perhaps most famous as a crab seasoningOld Bay was created by Gustav Brunn, who named this delicious seasoning after a Chesapeake Bay steamship line called the Old Bay Line. The bright yellow Old Bay tin is a true Maryland icon.

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