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Baby Bonefish Necklace

Baby Bonefish Necklace


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Sterling silver baby bonefish necklace with moveable tail on rolo style chain.

Our Baby Bonefish Necklace is more than just a pretty fish. It is a fun yet sophisticated piece of jewelry, that will hook attention anywhere. This necklace rests on a rolo style chain and features a 1 1/4 inch pendant that dangles from a hook. Additionally, the sterling silver fish features a whimsical tail that bends and moves playfully. This effect will remind you of a swimming fish. This necklace will have you imagining fun fishing trips or schools of fish swimming under the sea. The Baby Bonefish Necklace is just as fun to wear as it is stunning to look at. You will have no problem reeling in compliments with this necklace! In fact, you can even make a matching set with the Bonefish Earrings and Bonefish Swap Top.

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We also have a larger version, our Bonefish Necklace.

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