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Anchor Swap Top

Anchor Swap Top


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Sterling silver anchor Swap Top.

Swap Top Bracelets are sold separately.

Our sterling silver Anchor Swap Top is the epitome of classic nautical style. Paired with a coordinating bangle bracelet, Swap Tops are interchangeable designs that look great when worn on their own or stacked with other bracelets. Simply swap one top out for another to compliment your different day to day styles. Swap Tops make a great gift. Collect them all!

Anchors have been a steadfast symbol of hope since biblical times. Similarly, they are also a symbol of strength and security. A powerful nautical symbol, the anchor came to hold these meanings because they hold the ship in place.  Anchors represent remaining grounded. Collect the Anchor Swap Top to have a lovely reminder of these deep meanings that you can change out at your leisure. 

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