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Grounded Anchor Necklace

Grounded Anchor Necklace


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Sterling silver anchor pendant on link style chain.

Our sterling silver Grounded Anchor Necklace is a slightly bolder take on the sideways anchor trend. Tilted to the side, it gives the appearance of an anchor holding a ship in place. Flattering to all necklines, this piece comes complete with an adjustable link chain. This necklace is an elegant way to show your nautical side. Our Grounded Anchor Necklace makes a great gift for the maritime lover in your life.

Anchors have been a steadfast symbol of hope since biblical times. Similarly, they are also a symbol of strength and security. A powerful nautical symbol, the anchor came to hold these meanings because they hold the ship in place. An anchor can represent a new adventure or a new voyage. They also represent remaining grounded. You can wear our Grounded Anchor Necklace to have a lovely reminder of these deep meanings.

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