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Captain of Your Destiny Charm Necklace

Captain of Your Destiny Charm Necklace


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Sterling silver necklace with anchor charm, compass charm, and blue topaz charm on an adjustable link style chain.

Anchors have been a steadfast symbol of hope since biblical times. Similarly, they are also a symbol of strength and security, and safety. A powerful nautical symbol, the anchor came to hold these meanings because they hold the ship in place. An anchor can represent a new adventure or a new voyage. They also represent remaining grounded, and having hope.

The Compass Rose, sometimes called a rose of the winds, is a beautiful and timeless symbol of direction, discovery, and awakening. The four directions of the Compass Rose represent infinite possibilities, the past, the present, and the future. This symbol was once believed by sailors to bring them good luck and to bring them back home safely. It is a celebrated symbol of guidance through troubled seas and unfamiliar places.

You can wear our Captain of Your Destiny Charm Necklace to have a lovely reminder of these deep meanings.

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