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Abalone Whale Tail Necklace

Abalone Whale Tail Necklace


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Sterling silver and abalone whale tail pendant on adjustable link style chain.

Our sterling silver Abalone Whale Tail Necklace depicts the unmistakable silhouette of graceful whale flukes. Boasting a sleek, high polished finish and iridescent abalone shell on an adjustable link chain. This necklace is a fun and colorful bit of nautical flair.

The whale's tail has been an enduring symbol of speed, strength, protection, and safe passage for hundreds of years.

Abalone is a natural gemstone made from the shell of the abalone sea mollusk. Abalone symbolizes strength and healing because abalone mollusks can repair and heal their shells. It is also a symbol of water and the shell is meant to calm us, and protect us from unsettling times. 

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