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Abalone Turret Shell Necklace

Abalone Turret Shell Necklace


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Sterling silver turret shell pendant with abalone and Swarovski crystals on an adjustable link style chain.

Dazzling and detailed, this Abalone Turret Shell is a unique piece of jewelry that can match just about anything. Shifting hues of greens, blues, browns, and even pinks are a trade mark of the abalone shell. Along with the beautiful color scheme, Swarovski crystals accompany this sterling silver pendant on an adjustable link style chain.

Abalone is a type of marine snail. Despite being a delicacy, the snail is a bit of a diamond in the rough. Often, the snail is skipped over due to barnacle or algae growth on the shell. However, once the shell is cleaned and polished, the beautiful iridescent pattern on the shell is revealed. Abalone is a symbol of water. The shell is meant to calm us, and protect us from unsettling times. We hope you bring that peace and protection with you wherever you go while wearing this Abalone Turret Shell.

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