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Abalone Compass Rose Necklace

Abalone Compass Rose Necklace


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Sterling silver compass rose pendant with abalone and Swarovski crystals on an adjustable link style chain.

Whether you are beginning a new path or in need of some redirection, this Abalone Compass Rose Necklace is for you! This pendant is made of sterling silver, and inlaid with abalone and Swarovski crystals. It rests on an adjustable link style chain, and is sure to catch the eyes of many!

Abalone is a type of marine snail. Despite being a delicacy, the snail is a bit of a diamond in the rough. Often, the shell is skipped over due to barnacle or algae growth. However, once the shell is cleaned and polished, the beautiful iridescent pattern on the shell is revealed. Abalone is a symbol of water. The shell is meant to calm us, and protect us from unsettling times. We hope you bring that peace and protection with you, no matter which direction you chose to go, with this Abalone Compass Rose Necklace.

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