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Satin Shell Turtle Link Bracelet

Satin Shell Turtle Link Bracelet


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Sterling silver turtles with satin shells and cubic zirconia stones on an adjustable link style bracelet.

This darling Satin Shell Turtle Link Bracelet features sterling silver turtles, studded with cubic zirconia stones on an adjustable link style bracelet. The turtles swim elegantly around the wearer's wrist. This bracelet is a perfectly detailed accessory, with just enough sparkle.

Sea turtles migrate thousands of miles in their lifetimes, and as they move they become vital to many ocean ecosystems such as coral reefs. Sea turtles generally travel alone, but some species do congregate to swim to their nesting grounds together. When there is a group of turtles it is called a bale. While wearing this beautiful bracelet you can think of a bale of sea turtles swimming gracefully through the ocean.

What is a satin finish? A satin finish is in between a brushed and a glossy finish. A brushed finish is more rustic looking and you will see and feel a textured finish. A glossy finish is very shiny and smooth. You will be able to see your reflection when looking directly at this finish. A satin finish, like glossy, is also smooth to the touch but it doesn't have the high shine, rather has a matte finish. This finish beautifully compliments our Satin Shell Turtle Link Bracelet.

See our video of a green sea turtle here.

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