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Sunset Lighthouse Earrings

Sunset Lighthouse Earrings


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Gold plated sterling silver scroll lighthouse earrings on French ear wires.

Designed by Southern Gates.

Our Harbor Sunset Lighthouse Earrings depict a classic nautical navigational aid commonly found in the Chesapeake Bay. Lighthouses help guide sailors, so they often represent a beacon of hope, and they symbolize finding the way forward, and navigating through the rougher waters of our lives. Lighthouses also symbolize safety and security in the face of adversity, and can remind you that there is always a guiding light in every darkness.  

These gold plated sterling silver scroll lighthouse earrings hang gracefully from French ear wires. These lovely earrings are a part of our Harbor Collection from Southern Gates.

Be sure to see our Harbor Sunset Lighthouse Necklace to create a set!


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