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Sunburst Necklace

Sunburst Necklace


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Sterling silver sunburst pendant with Swarovski crystals on a link style chain.

Bright sunny days are here to stay with this Sunburst Necklace! Bright Swarovski crystals shine on this sterling silver pendant, mimicking the sun's rays. This necklace is the perfect pop of color for days when you are missing or celebrating summer skies. This pendant rests on a link style chain.

The sun has been a symbol of divinity and royalty since the antiquity. Many rulers throughout history have used the sun as a symbol of their power. Louis XIV was known as the sun king, and many powerful figures before him were linked to the sun. In ancient Greece there was a god of the sun named Helios, who was thought to drive a chariot across the sky each day to create day and night.  The sun is also the life force that binds everything together on Earth, and allows people to exist. Warm sunshine will make you think of happy days, or summer vacations, or even a special person in your life that you can't do without. No matter what the sun means to you, when you wear this Sunburst Necklace we hope you feel its warmth, and spread it to those around you.

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