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Manta Ray Necklace

Manta Ray Necklace


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Sterling silver manta ray pendant with blue Swarovski crystals on an adjustable link style chain.

Our Manta Ray Necklace is perfect for a fun pop of color and to remind you of beautiful blue seas and the creatures that grace them. This manta ray pendant is made of sterling silver, with bright blue Swarovski crystals, and it rests on an adjustable link style chain. The mix of light and dark blues reminds you of tropical seas and all the beauty the ocean contains.

Manta rays are the largest out of all the species of rays. They can measure up to twenty-nine feet long! They live in tropical, subtropical, and temperate waters, and they can live up to fifty years. Manta rays have long been a symbol of grace and balance. They move through the water with precision, gently flapping their pectoral fins to glide through the ocean. We hope you move through life with that grace while wearing this Manta Ray Necklace!

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