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Penguin Family Necklace

Penguin Family Necklace


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Sterling silver penguin pendant with enamel and Swarovski crystals on a link style chain.

Nothing is cuter than a pair of cuddling penguins in the winter snow! Black and white Swarovski crystals along with enamel sparkle in this Penguin Family Necklace. These penguins rest on a link style chain and are the perfect winter addition to any wardrobe or jewelry collection. Furthermore you can add a little glimmer to your day with this fun pendant.

Penguins have many reasons to cuddle. They huddle in large groups to retain warmth and to protect themselves from predators. Even though they may not be able to fly in the air, these cool birds have adapted to fly underwater. Their bones are solid, unlike many birds, which helps them swim by reducing their buoyancy. In addition to their anatomical adaptation, they also have adapted a color scheme to give them countershading camouflage. Consequently, this camouflage technique has given penguins their iconic black and white coloring.

These little penguins will make you think of warm cuddles, and big hugs! Even though penguins are native to far-away places, you can bring these critters with you anywhere you go with this Penguin Family Necklace. You can purchase yours today as the perfect gift for you or a loved one!

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