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Crab Mallet Necklace

Crab Mallet Necklace


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Sterling silver and enamel crab mallet pendant on an 18" box style chain.

This Crab Mallet Necklace is a perfect miniature reminder of Maryland culture and fun summer nights! Our Crab Mallet Necklace is a nostalgic depiction of the traditional mallet used at Chesapeake Bay crab feasts. This necklace hangs from a sleek box chain. Silver Linings exclusively designed this sterling silver and enamel necklace for all the crab lovers out there!

Did you know the state of Maryland is the number one producer of blue crabs? The Chesapeake Bay provides fifty percent of the national blue crab harvest. Every year, the Maryland seafood industry contributes about 600 million dollars to the state's economy. That's a lot of money from one little critter!

Even on a local scale the blue crab is so important to residents outside of the economy. Crab picnics bring together friends and families, and are a time to reconnect over friendly conversation. With this Crab Mallet Necklace we hope you can reconnect to what matters most to you!

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